We have a serious health crisis in America today: over the past 30 years childhood obesity rates have tripled; 1 in 3 are overweight or obese; and over 29 million people have diabetes. All of these things have caused our health care spending as a nation to go through the roof, and there is no end in sight.

Everyone knows that one of the largest contributors to America’s health epidemic is the vast quantities of sugar we consume as a nation. And while we all, including myself, enjoy a piece of candy every once in a while, we must be aware of the dangerous amounts of sugar Americans are consuming on a daily basis. Most processed foods include a large amount of sugar, but the average consumer would never know by the nutrition label because it shows the amount of sugar in grams, which can be difficult to conceptualize. The World Health Organization has said that the average person should consume no more than 25 grams of sugar or about 6 teaspoons.

I believe that one of the primary keys to healthier eating is education and understanding what is in our food. That is why I called on the FDA to change sugar measurements from grams to the more commonly understood teaspoon.

When it comes to sugar Americans think of it in teaspoons, why shouldn’t our food labels as well? Sign this petition to support this common sense change our food labels that will give Americans the tools to eat healthier. If we stand together we can create a healthier America.


Tim Ryan 
Member of Congress